Fire Extinguishing Ball works and Location


How the E Fire Extinguishing Ball works

The EFB is a self-activating fire mitigation tool available in two sizes — four or six inches in diameter and weighing 1.5 and 3 pounds, respectively. When the EFB is touched by flame, the fuses surrounding the ball ignite within seconds, agitating the powder inside and dispersing an ABC dry chemical to extinguish the fire. An EFB has an effective coverage area of between 12 to 24 square feet, based on size of ball deployed.

Good locations for the E Fire Extinguishing Ball

The EFB can be used for active or passive fire mitigation and prevention. Actively, the user can throw the extinguishing ball toward flames, engaging the release of fire suppression material. For passive fire mitigation, each EFB includes a mounting bracket and can be mounted anywhere from the wall of a building to the engine compartment of a piece of machinery. Large farm machinery like combines are ideal applications for an EFB. Mounting one inside a combine’s engine compartment can help prevent combine fires and give peace of mind that you’ll have an early warning if something like an overheated bearing or crop residue ignites.

“Fire mitigation and prevention isn’t always top-of-mind, especially during busy times on the farm, like harvest. But a fire department is responding to a fire in the U.S. every 24 seconds. Sometimes people don’t think about the potential property losses and operational downtime from even a small fire,” Thompson said. “Fire Balls are cost-effective tools that give you peace of mind that you have an added layer of awareness and mitigation. And it may save your business, property or even life.”



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